Calling All Teachers

Birankai Aikido Instructors Intensive in California, 2012. This year’s intensive is in Upstate New York May 18-20; the theme is “Kihon,” or the building blocks of our training.

How do I attract new members? What is the best platform to fundraise for new mats? How can I get more from my dues-payment system? What is a good strategy for teaching Sansho?  We have a lot of experience in our organization – and we have a lot of know-how to share.

“Grow Your Dojo” is the focus of our new Birankai Aikido Teachers news blast, a monthly rundown of tips and real-world experience from instructors across the continent (and beyond, we hope). We’ve also started a closed Facebook group to encourage discussion and sharing of videos, news items and other media with the goal of supporting and encouraging each other in trying to transmit Chiba Sensei’s Aikido.

All Birankai Aikido teachers in North America, Europe and beyond are welcome to take part and join the discussion: Email if you want to get our email newsletter; visit the Birankai Aikido Teachers group on Facebook and ask to join.

Here is some food for thought from a document by Chiba Sensei on the responsibility of teaching of Aikido dating from the late 1980s:

“Learning The Way and transmitting it to others are not separate processes, but are fundamentally one and the same, for without learning, there can be no transmission; without transmission, no learning. The relationship with one’s own teacher, as explained above, should also apply to one’s students. This is an essential requirement for learning the Way and for its transmission and preservation.
“Furthermore, a spirit of sacrifice, compassion, love, and unselfishness is the first and foremost requirement for an Aikido teacher, together with a readiness to help his/her students with that openness of mind that comes of an understanding of the diversity of human circumstances.

(From “Notes Relating to Shidoin/Fukushidoin Declaration” booklet, late 1980s)


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