Heins Sensei in R.I.

Birankai Aikido practitioners and friends from four states gathered this weekend in Providence at Main Street Martial Arts for intensive weapons training with Katharine Heins Sensei of NW Michigan Aikikai.

Classes focused on underlying principles like hand rotation, weight shifting and arm position in both jo and bokken forms.

Instructors attending included Phil Traunstein Sensei of Long Mountain Aikido, Liese Klein Sensei of Fire Horse Aikido and Eric Karalius Sensei of Connecticut Aikikai, along with a crew from Brooklyn Aikikai – a three-hour drive away.

Thanks to Michael Werth Sensei and Sherry Waldman Sensei and the students of Main Street Martial Arts for their hospitality!

See more videos of Heins Sensei at BiranOnline’s channel on Youtube.


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