Camp Countdown

Less than a month left!

Birankai Aikido Summer Camp is only a few weeks away and you’ve only got until May 15 to sign up and get a discounted price. Click here to find out more and register for this special event. (

To get everyone pumped for camp, we’re going to be posting a new video (or two or three) every day until the mats are rolled out at St. John’s University in Queens. The clips will go up on the BiranOnline channel on Youtube – subscribe so you don’t miss any.

Today I’m saluting our long-suffering camp director, Robert Savoca of Brooklyn Aikikai. In addition to running a thriving dojo and taking care of his family, Savoca Sensei is dealing with the swarm of details that drive camp directors crazy. These newly posted video clips highlight Savoca Sensei’s commitment to teaching uke as well as nage.

I’m also reposting this compilation video I put together recently of one of Chiba Sensei’s classes from our last East Coast Birankai Summer Camp, 2012 in Bronxville, N.Y. First you see Chiba Sensei demonstrating techniques, then various Birankai instructors demonstrating. Many of those teachers will be at this year’s camp — don’t miss it!




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