New Camp videos posted

Chiba Sensei, Yamada Sensei Miyamoto Sensei and Birankai senior instructors are featured in new videos posted today from Birankai Summer Camp 2012.

Visit the BiranOnline channel on Youtube to view the entire set, plus new video of recent East Coast seminars like Juba Nour at Fire Horse Aikido and this month’s United States Aikido Federation Winter Seminar in Fort Lauderdale.

If your dojo has some exciting video to share of Birankai or related instructors from any time period, let us know! Email

Load and Unload

Mike Flynn Shihan at Bucks County Aikido, September 2012.

By John McDevitt, Bucks County Aikido

“Nice tooch with the thistle.” – Flynn Shihan

The art of drawing the sword and striking a killing blow is offered, by Flynn Shihan, at Thistle Aikikai in Chryston, Scotland. For a few days in September, it was offered in Bucks County, Penn. In Iaido, students learn to use the sword not merely as a tool for cutting down one’s enemy, but as a method of allowing the mind and body to become more harmonious with nature. When instructed by Flynn Shihan, you also learn a bit about cutting down the Anglish!

While it was evident that Flynn Shihan was a master with the sword, I felt that he did not Continue reading “Load and Unload”

Welcome to our new Biran Online blog format!

Greetings to all Birankai North America members and visitors and welcome to our new Biran Online blog site.This site is designed to reflect the dynamic and diverse activities of Birankai North America dojos and Aikido practitioners with continuously updated essays, videos and links to other Birankai NA sites. Continue reading “Welcome to our new Biran Online blog format!”

The Long Goodbye

By James Sawers, Oak Park Aikikai

After over 20-plus years of running and operating Oak Park Aikikai and about 39 years (and counting) of practicing Aikido, our sensei, Rich Roberts, is leaving. Rich retired last year from diligent and hard-working service with the Chicago Public School system. Rich’s specialty was working with children with special needs; Continue reading “The Long Goodbye”

Overcoming Defeat with 28 Days of Zazen

By Cassandra Tribe, Rhode Island Aikikai – Eastside

When we begin to incorporate the practice of Zazen in our lives, we train to become warriors able to overcome defeat using the weapon of body, mind and soul. The power that we draw on is found not just within ourselves, but also comes from our connection to our community and the world at large. Continue reading “Overcoming Defeat with 28 Days of Zazen”

New space, new energy in Ventura

By Pat Belt, Ventura Aikikai

After 20 years in the same location, Ventura Aikikai has moved to a new location.

In August, Ventura Aikikai’s small but dedicated core of students began the hard work of disassembling one dojo and getting a new space ready.   Multiple trips to the dump, gallons of new paint and many shared lunches later, we were back to training as soon as the used tatami mats were down.  We still have odds and ends to complete, but thanks to dojo members, the hard work is done. Continue reading “New space, new energy in Ventura”