Dreaming of Camp

The weather’s just getting chilly now on the East Coast and I’m already looking forward to 2015 Summer Camp… Newly posted video here from this year’s event in Oregon. Find more new clips on BiranOnline’s Channel on YouTube. Also check out my videos from a seminar this past weekend with Dang Thong Phong Sensei of Tenshinkai: He’s 80 years old and threw me so hard I got the wind knocked out of me!
Also please take note of the new calendar listings on the right side of this page — this calendar is maintained separately from the main Birankai.org listings so let me know if your event needs to be added.
L. Klein

Chiba Sensei on weapons

One of Chiba Sensei’s many gifts to the Aikido community has been his weapons system, and we teachers vowed to further polish and emphasize our bokken and jo work at this year’s Birankai Summer Camp.

Below is the full text of an essay by Chiba Sensei first published in a 1999 issue of our Birankai newsletter. Also posted here for the first time are videos from Chiba Sensei’s advanced weapons class at the 2011 Birankai Regional Seminar at Long Mountain Aikido in Granby, Mass. (The second video is at the bottom of the text.)

Also be sure to check out the great videos from a personal collection being posted in recent weeks on the Facebook page of Sonoran Aikikai.

Then get out there and pick up your weapons!

L. Klein

The Position of Weapons Training In Aikido

A Consideration of the Unity of Body and Sword

By T.K. Chiba

Many people have asked me about the relationship between body arts and weapons training in Aikido. Most of those questions were influenced by the opinion (either positive or negative) towards weapons training by professional Aikido teachers, both those who positively incorporate weapons training in their Aikido practice and those who do not. These opposing practices inevitably create confusion among Aikido practitioners Continue reading “Chiba Sensei on weapons”