Camp countdown

Check out the newly posted video above of Yoko Okamoto Sensei of Aikido Kyoto from 2011 Biranki Summer Camp. We’ll be posting new footage of Okamoto Sensei at the Biran Online channel on Youtube every week or so until 2014 Birankai Aikido Summer Camp — then new video!

Time is running out to register for 2014 Birankai Summer Camp at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. The deadline for regular registration is June 5 — after that late registration prices apply. Register here now to train with Okamoto Sensei and our top-notch Birankai instructors.

If Okamoto Sensei’s incredible technique and teaching aren’t enough reason to sign up, check out my “shaky-cam” footage below of the vistas not far from camp on the Oregon coast…


Global Birankai

Check out new May issue of Musubi, the newsletter of Birankai Europe. (Access French

versions of Musubi here.)

Some highlights:

  • Chiba Sensei on “The Challenge of Age” (from a 1988 essay): “It can be said then that the true study of art (or life as art) only begins at forty. Although physical ability may begin to decline at this time, the physical aspect is only a part of what is
    Eddie McCalla (right) and Anna Jigoulina at the new beginner's course at Cocks Moors Woods Dojo in Birmingham, England. (From Musubi)
    Eddie McCalla (right) and Anna Jigoulina at the new beginner’s course at Cocks Moors Woods Aikido in Birmingham, England. (From Musubi)

    required to be a fine Aikidoist.”

  • Anne Ducoret Sensei of Paris on “Understand the Centre of Gravity”: “While we constantly use our centre of gravity in Aikido and usually in all physical activities, we are not fully aware of its constitution and its operation.”

There’s also information on Birankai Europe Summer School (camp), to be held this year in Wroclaw, Poland, featuring Miyamoto Sensei. Camp dates are July 26 to Aug. 2. Contact Information and online registration can be found here.

Also, don’t forget that the deadline is June 10 for the Summer Camp print issue of Biran, our Birankai North America Newsletter. Essays, photos, art, poetry and seminar reports are welcome! Send contributions to

L. Klein

New dojo in Chicago

Congratulations to Enmei Hunter, chief instructor of Logan Square Aikido, a new Birankai dojo on the northwest side of Chicago.Logan Square Aikido 2
Hunter Sensei, 3rd dan fukushidoin, has been training for 20 years and helped run Shinjinkai dojo in Chicago. Birankai instructor Chris Wagner Sensei, 2nd dan fukushidoin, will also teach as an assistant instructor at Logan Square Aikido.

Logan Square is a fast-growing neighborhood on the northwest side of Chicago Continue reading “New dojo in Chicago”