Let’s ‘like’ Birankai dojos

Facebook is more than cute cat photos and status updates — you can help support your local Birankai dojo as well. Facebook activity helps promote small businesses like Aikido dojos and helps our worldwide community stay in touch.

If you have a dojo and haven’t taken the plunge yet, here are Facebook’s guidelines on to get your page started.

If you’re already on Facebook, take the time to “like” our dojos if you haven’t already (just click on the ‘like button). Also don’t be shy about leaving notes of support or thanks after seminars and other events — some of us don’t update our pages as much as we should!

Here are some Facebook pages to get you started:

Birankai International

San Diego Aikikai

Aikido Institute of San Francisco

Alameda Aikikai

Siskiyou Aikikai

Brooklyn Aikikai

Bucks County Aikido

New Tampa Aikido

Huron Valley Aikikai

See you on Facebook!

New Year’s Promotions

Chiba Sensei and the members of the Birankai North America Senior Council offer their congratulations to the following members on their promotions.

Maureen Browne, Fox Valley Aikikai
Jobe  Groot, Mountain Coast Aikikai

Liese Klein, Fire Horse Aikido
Kathy Stier, Green River Aikido
Toma Rosenzweig, Aikido Daiwa
Tom Grimaldi, Copper Mountain Aikikai

Rich Ciriello, Boca Aikikai
Eric Karalius, Connecticut Aikikai
Daniel Pantaleo, Connecticut  Aikikai
Lynne Ballew, North County Aikikai
Neal Dunnigan, Wheatbelt Aikido
Joseph Canon, Corvallis Aikikai
Robert Petterson, Westside Aikido
Erik Fredricksen, Huron Valley Aikikai

Edward Hernandez, New Tampa Aikido

Susanna Estrada, Alameda Aikikai
John Gange, Central Coast Aikikai

Congratulations to all!